About Clear Mountain Water

‘Water is life’, and everyone in the world should have access to safe, clean and reliable drinking water.

At Clear Mountain Water we strive to ensure as many people, as practical, have access to treated, safe, potable water. We are cognizant of the need for sustainable water choices being available.

That is why we at Clear Mountain Water we support the many initiatives being rolled out globally by Water.org to supply potable water to under‑developed countries both now and for the future.

The comfort you feel knowing that your Clear Mountain Smart Water is packed full of essential minerals and electrolytes that will always keep you hydrated while you exercise. Allowing you to recover quicker so you can keep doing the things that you love.

Our Water Quality is Paramount

The Australian Drinking Water Guidelines (ADWG)

ISO2006 International Standard

National Standard Method: Health Protection Agency (2005)

American Public Health Association: APHA Standard Methods

Indian Standard for Drinking Water as per BIS specifications (IS 10500-1991)

National Standard of the People’s Republic of China. GB 5749-2006

 WHO – Water safety and quality, Drinking water quality guidelines.

Compliant with
the Australian
drinking water guidelines

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australian made water

The Opportunity to partner with a bulk water supplier

Clear Mountain Water supplies a range of safe, quality, mineralized and alkaline prepared water. All water is provided from 100% Australian ethically sustainable sources, in bottle  or bulk at very competitive pricing. Clear Mountain Water has the following range of water products currently available:

Alkaline water supplied in bulk

Mineralized water supplied in bulk

If you are looking for a partner to supply ongoing longer-term contracts of significant volumes of quality water products, then look no further than Clear Mountain Water.

Packaging – Bottled and bulk

Our natural spring water products are available in typical container sizes (350-600ml, 1.0 Litre, 1.5 litre) or can be customised to your requirements. We can also facilitate packaging and labelling to suit your specifications. All customisations subject to minimum quantities.

The greatest economic value is in WS&S supplying our water products in +24,500 litre food grade ISO or bladder containers in accordance with Food Quality Shipping Container Guidelines to the Australian Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry’s Container Certification Requirements.


Clean safe pure drinking water in bulk delivery

Clear Mountain Water supplies bulk water products in +24,500 litre lots utilizing Multi-use ISO tanks or food grade bladder containers. This provides you, the customer with the choice to either:

access the water directly from the delivery module to re-sell in bulk; or

decant into containers of your choosing i.e. hand bottles, 20 litre containers, other options to suit your market requirements.

The supply contract with Clear Mountain Water is individually tailored to address the needs of your market. We listen to our customers ensuring the highest standard of satisfaction from ordering to product delivery.

Product and packaging at prices that encourage resale and bulk purchases.

Compliant with
the Australian
drinking water guidelines

bulk water supplier
bulk bottled water supplier australia
australian made water
clear mountain water Australia

Management Board

Andrew Reardon

Chief Executive Officer, Marketing and Customer Relationship Manager

Andrew has 35 years of business experience spanning Construction, Mining and the Oil & Gas Industries. He was CEO and Founding Director of Yuleba Resources Pty Ltd, Annejeda Group Pty Ltd & more. He is a driven leader who strives to achieve beneficial outcomes for all stakeholders by focusing on the details. He goes to extremes to ensure the companies he is involved with deliver excellent customer service and the sale experience meets/exceeds expectations.

This constant desire to improve all aspects of the business leads to many innovative ideas which benefit both the business and customer with efficiencies gained in the process. His innovations have been passed on to others, many at no cost. Doing this just to cement good business relationships and these connections, with many turning into friendships. This is the business network he brings to the company.

Andrew has gained a wide array of experience in numerous fields having held the position of project co-ordinator for several organisations. The expectations of delivering high quality products and services within a constrained timeframe has provided valuable experience in dealing with issues that occur throughout business operations. Contract compliance and management, machinery breakdowns, staffing issues or logistic setbacks, are areas where Andrew has proven capable in handling these matters quickly by sourcing timely solutions.

Along with problem solving, Andrews strongest  traits include being efficiency driven and process orientated. Stakeholders are the highest priority and he makes sure they know that by consistent engagement and making them feel as though they are part of the team. Stakeholders input is greatly welcomed as it helps ensure expectations are met and that everyone is satisfied. Stakeholders, staff, suppliers, and customers will be impressed by the transparency Andrew brings to the team.

Andrews mantra is “A deal is a deal. Do what’s necessary to honour your commitments and take ownership if any issue arises.”

Hamish Harker

Administration Manager

After graduating from the University of Queensland in 2018 with a Bachelor of Business, Hamish moved to Rockhampton to work as a consultant for clients at Taurus Accounting. Hamish has been doing consultancy and administration work since then. For the past 18 months the consulting work has involved direct contact with clients and assisting them with establishing administration procedures and protocols as well as marketing their businesses. Hamish enjoys this role, particularly working closely with a variety of clients to achieve quick and satisfactory results in their business. When he was offered the role to join the Water Supplies & Services team, he was eager to accept.

Graham Lawson

Executive Director & Chief Operations Officer

Graham Lawson is an Executive Director and COO of Water Supplies and Services Pty Ltd (WS&S). He overseers the operational and logistics of the business. He is the founder and continues to be a director of Degree of Saturation (D.O.S.), a business that provides solutions for bulk water storage & logistics.

Graham brings over 40 years of experience in the industry to WS&S. Adapting to change and thinking outside the square, led to Graham designing and patenting Sitetank®, a proven product that is a one of a kind bulk water storage tank. Graham’s other businesses continue to provide potable water to commercial developments and to the domestic market.

Graham prides himself in his honesty and in conducting all his business dealings that way. 40 plus years of experience have taught Graham that customers and suppliers alike essentially want honesty, integrity and someone willing to listen and fulfil their individual requirements. His reputation for providing professional, excellent service are of the utmost importance to him and WS&S.

Graham’s vast experience as an owner operator/businessman has seen him at the forefront and involved in:

  • the design of specialty trucks and trailers,
  • road freight and specialty transportation,
  • road transport logistics for major manufacturers,
  • earthworks and civil contracting,
  • supplying specialty Plant and Equipment,
  • supplying skilled labour, and
  • the design and patenting of Sitetank®.

Graham has been involved in and coordinating the supply chains for both Federal and State Government Departments as well as both large domestic and international corporations. This has seen Graham supply water tanks to mines in PNG and water storage solutions for the Football World Cup in Qatar. His mantra – “No challenge is too hard or insurmountable“.

Peter Morath

Compliance and Risk Management

Peter Morath is a Non-Executive Director of Water Supplies and Services Pty Ltd (WS&S). He takes responsibility for the process equipment and operational compliance requirements of the business. He is the founder and continues as a director of Total Water Services Pty Ltd (TWS) providing solutions to the water supply industry within the Municipal, Industrial and Commercial markets

Peter brings 45 plus years of industry experience to WS&S. Peter conducts business with the utmost honesty and integrity. His business dealings over the past 45 plus years has proven all customers and suppliers respect the transparency he has shown. Continuing this excellent professional service is important to both him and WS&S.

Peter has a myriad of experience as a manager and business owner being involved successfully in:

  • 20 years in a senior role with Tyco/Southern Cross – International Sales Manager – Area of Operations in Middle East / China / South East Asia / Africa including Tanzania / Kenya / Uganda etc. This work entailed manufactured product sales, project design and supply of products for water supply / treatment schemes etc.
  • Peter started TWS in 2005 as a stand-alone business working within the water industry and it is involved in the supply and design of a broad cross-section of water needs.
    Peter is experienced at providing services to all levels of government, industrial and construction in domestic and international markets. His speciality is in water treatment packages including design, supply and providing infield services to meet the demands of all clientele.

Peter’s mantra is “professional and excellent operations start from day 1 and seek to improve always”.