Bulk Water Logistic Solutions


Bladders are the safest, most flexible and most cost-effective means of shipping bulk water to overseas customers when deployed and fitted into sea containers, typically 20ft +24,500 Litre. These bladders can then be recycled and used for onsite storage of water, certain chemicals and many more applications by the receiver. These bladders are “Tough”.

Why Clear Mountain Water are the preferred choice for international liquid bladder shipping container solutions

Constructed with Polypropylene (PP) and Polyurethane (PE) fabrics.

Bladder fabrics are 100% recyclable.

Tough materials that can withstand abrasion


Rolls up when empty to approx. 10% of fill size

Easy to transport to location

Ideal for remote locations and liquid transfer globally

Store liquids from up to +24,500 litres per bladder

Bladder Tanks are all fully enclosed

Practical, economical and safe

Are AS/NZS 4020 certified for potable water

Modular: secondary usage daisy chain to increase storage space

Containerised bladders are closed storage, so no: oxidation, condensation, evaporation or other contamination.

Bottle or Bladder Solutions Available

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